Construction / Rehabilation of quay 10 – ML, At Durres Port

Total amount includes contractual works and variation orders of additional works:
Value of the contractual works: 1,129,015,140.00 Leke
Extra works: 225,621,301.40 Leke
Description of main works:
• Road diversion
• Road mark, traffic barriers, sidewalk kerbs etc
• Demolition of existing concrete on Quay 10, existing reinforced concrete blocks under escarpment of the existing quay
• Dismantling of the rail line, crane rail and all quay equipment
• Excavation on different materials of any depth and class, and also by means of explosives
• Leveling
• Supply / placement of reinforced concrete on site
• Prefabrication and installation of steel meshes for panels
• Fabrication and installation of precast elements with 39cm and 30cm of thickness
• Formwork for concrete structures
• Galvanization of metal profiles
• Treatment and protection against sea wates
• Construction of 1500 mm piles of reinforced concrete casted at place via propeller and poured concrete, in 45m depth , including use of sheet piles
• Construction of diaphragm with secant piles casted at place with a diameter of 1200 mm
• Anchors installations
• Installation of Bollards of pig iron with capacity 750 kn
• Installation of Fenders with capacity 480 MNm
• Pavement
• Construction of road foundation with broken stone
• Contruction of reinforced concrete layer of Class 45 MPa
• Installation of drainage pipe to PVC with different diameters, in deep channels
• Installation of steel meshes of different proportions for heavy load
• Construction of drainage outle
• Fire-fighting system
• Building construction
• Construction of rail tracks
• Electric engineering installation and lighting
• Construction of crane rails