Construction of highway Milot-Fushe Kruje

Description of main works:
• Excavations, clearance from vegetation and transport
• Filling with gravel and compression
• Filling with stabilizers for jetties, stabilizers layers
• Filling and compression of gravel for road structure, filling with land and compression for road slopes
• Installations of geotextile
• Supply and installation of concrete blocks and concrete kerbs
• Sand layers
• Concrete and formworks for concrete substratum, sidewalks and reinforced concrete for slabs
• Supply and installations of reinforced concrete channels
• Installations of steel pipes
• Construction of road layers, bituminous conglomerate, binder, asphalt-concrete
• Fabrication and installations of beams
• Installations of steel, steel rope, anchoring heads, steel sheath
• Installation of fixed and mobile neoprene
• Placement of joints
• Installations of bridge handrail
• Installation of PVC pipes
• Installations of manholes and pits
• Hydro-insulation
• Probe drilling
• Placement of steel for road shoulders, pikes etc