Concrete Mixer and Concrete Pump

Concrete Mixer and Concrete Pump

Transport Trucks

Transport Trucks

Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery

Organization of the Equipment and Machineries is conceived in that way to support all the actual and future projects until the timely completion and according to the requirements of quality.  The growing number of the equipment and machineries goes parallel with the growing rate of VEGA.

VEGA disposes the equipment and machineries as follows:

  • 19 self-unloading trucks:

Of different types such as:  ASTRA HD8,Benz,  Autros dhe Man, production year 2007, capacity  14-15m3 and loaded weight 25 ton.

  • 13 Excavators

Of type  Caterpillar 320B,c,325,Liebherr 904,914,922,934, engine power 100 kw up to 147 kw, bucket capacity 0.87 m3 up to 1.87m3,  production year  2001-2007.

These machineries may work also with air hammer.

  •  7 Diggers

Of different type such as Caterpilar, Fiat and Liebherr, engine power up to 150 kw, bucket capacity 402m3, production year 2003-2007.

  • 25 Concrete Mixers.

Of type Benz,Man dhe Astra HD8 , production year 2000-2008, capacity 10-12m3

  •  6 Concrete Pumps

Of type Man,Benz dhe Astra, production year  2000-2007,  height 26,32,36,41 and  44 m.

  •  1 Grader

Type H12, Production year 2003.

  •  9 Cranes

Lifting weight 1.2 ton up to 60 ton ( pinguel).

  • 1 Tower Crane

Height 52m, lifting weight 5 ton.

  • 2 Sennebogen 835 M&835 R

Capacity 4.3 ton up to 18.7 ton.

  •  8 trucks

Of type Reno,Iveco-Stralis dhe Volvo, these work with tanks and trailer, production year  2000-2006.

  • 1  Cement tank

Capacity 30 ton.

  •  6 Rollers   

Of type bomago, Ammann, weight 2 ton up to 21 ton.

  • 4 Probes  

Fort piles of different diameters, depth up to 57m, production year 1999-2010.