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Vega’s first activity as Company was the production of concrete of different classes. Now we are one of the greatest Concrete Producer in the country with an average production quantity of 160.000 m3/year, with the best price and quality in the market.

We count 8 (eight) concrete plants located in different working areas in Albania, such as:

  • Fixed Electronic Batching Plant:
  • Type: CUOGHI                                                           Capacity: 120 M3/H         Location: RRESHEN
  • Fixed Electronic Batching Plant:
  • Type: S.P.A IME INDUSTRIA MACCHINE EDILI      Capacity:  120 M3/H        Location: KUKES
  • Fixed Electronic Batching Plant:
  • Type: S.P.A                                                                Capacity: 120 M3/H          Location:  TEPELENE
  • Fixed Electronic Batching Plant:
  • Type:  CIFA STACIONUAR                                        Capacity:  80 M3/H          Location:  TIRANE
  • Fixed Electronic Batching Plant: 
  • Type:  S.P.A IME INDUSTRIA MACCHINE EDILI      Capacity:  80 M3/H          Location:  GJEGJAN
  • Mobile Electronic Batching Plant
  • Type: CIFA S                                                               Capacity:  60 M3/H          Location:  FAN
  • Mobile Electronic Batching Plant:
  • Type: CIFA S                                                               Capacity:  50 M3/H          Location:  REPS
  • Mobile Electronic Batching Plant:
  • Type: E-BATCH CONCRETE 00                                 Capacity:  50 M3/H          Location:  LAC 

We produce and supply concrete of following classes:

  • Concrete C8/10
  • Concrete C12/15
  • Concrete C16/20
  • Concrete C20/25
  • Concrete C25/30
  • Concrete C30/37
  • Concrete C 35/45
  • Concrete C40/50

We also produce precast elements such as:

  •  columns
  •  beams and retaining walls
  •  channels, pits and manholes
  •  kerbs
  •  jersey barriers
  •  pavement slabs
  •  blocks etc.